We Don't Sell Packages
We Sell Results!

*4 sessions 8 sessions 12 sessions 16 sessions 20 sessions
$144.00 $288.00 $432.00 $576.00 $720.00
* Nutition not included

P.T. Packages include diet consulting w/ a take home nutrition booklet designed by me to suit your fitness goals, a full training program and monthly profiling. Call and schedule a 15 minute meeting to sit down and discuss your goals and how quickly I can get you there!

Jump Start Program

10 session training package

Maybe you just need a few sessions with me to get you back on track. That's what my Jump Start Program is all about! This introductory program is for individuals with some previous exercise experience who are just looking to clear up some uncertainties in their program.

Small Group or Partner Packages

Discounted rates available based on group size and frequency

Partner and group sessions can be very fun and motivating. some people actually perform better in a small group. Workout with a friend for nearly half the cost! My Group Fitness Programs are convenient, motivating, affordable, and are guaranteed to get you in shape fast! Prices vary base on number of clients and number of sessions per week.

Program Development Session - $150

This session includes developing a tailored program to meet your goals. We will answer any questions pertaining to your exercise history and make the necessary adjustments .You will also be provided with a complete full body workout to be performed on your own.

Contest Prep

So you’re interested to doing a Bodybuilding contest? Do you think you have what it takes? A bodybuilding show is a 24-hour a day job that lasts 12-16 weeks. When it’s over, the sense of accomplishment is unmatchable.

If you see yourself as someone who could live, eat and breathe the bodybuilding lifestyle for 4 months, I would be honored to train you. Whether it is posing, dieting, training, cardio or simply finishing touches, I can help you get on stage at your best!

Residential Training

Train Out of Your Home, I will come to you!

$125 per session ( depending on location ,a fifty cent per mile travel expense may apply)

Nutrition/ Wellness Consultation Session, Diet Plan and Recipe Book

Nutrition/ Wellness Consultation Session, Diet Plan, Recipe Book and 8 week Exercise Schedule

Nutrition/ Wellness Consultation Session, Diet Plan, Recipe Book and 8 week Exercise Schedule, and a Supermarket Tour

Ultimate Competitor Package

Start to finish-diet, weekly adjustments after check-ins, vitamin /supplement schedule, completely tailored weight training program with adjustments made throughout prep, photo and personal analysis, body fat monitoring, posing sessions, final week prep schedule: $1200 (this price does not include spray tan and routine choreography).

*Yearly rates available for competitors who want to save money by hiring me for the fiscal year for contest prep, off season training and coaching services $1500 - $2000

Contest Services

*Pre Contest diet: $600-$800

*Routine Choreography: $200

*Posing sessions- $50 for any division

* Competition Spray Tan - $120 Jan Tana Hi Definition, Jan Tana Ultra and Pro Tan product available

Full Body Profile

Measurements, weight and body fat with one re-test: $25