We Don't Sell Packages
We Sell Results!

Member training rate is $500 per package

10 sessions = $500 for 30 minute sessions
5 sessions = $500 for 60 minute sessions

Program Development Session - $200

This session includes developing a tailored program to meet your goals. We will answer any questions pertaining to your exercise history and make the necessary adjustments .You will also be provided with a complete full body workout to be performed on your own.

Residential Training

Train Out of Your Home, I will come to you!

Please contact us for rates and availability.

Contest Services

*Pre Contest diet: $600-$800
*Routine Choreography: $200
*Posing sessions- $65 for any division
* Competition Spray Tan - $120 Jan Tana Hi Definition, Jan Tana Ultra and Pro Tan product available

Contest Prep

So you’re interested to doing a Bodybuilding contest? Do you think you have what it takes? A bodybuilding show is a 24-hour a day job that lasts 12-16 weeks. When it’s over, the sense of accomplishment is unmatchable.

If you see yourself as someone who could live, eat and breathe the bodybuilding lifestyle for 4 months, I would be honored to train you. Whether it is posing, dieting, training, cardio or simply finishing touches, I can help you get on stage at your best!

Ultimate Competitor Package

Start to finish-diet, weekly adjustments after check-ins, vitamin /supplement schedule, completely tailored weight training program with adjustments made throughout prep, photo and personal analysis, body fat monitoring, posing sessions, final week prep schedule: $1200 (this price does not include spray tan and routine choreography).

*Yearly rates available for competitors who want to save money by hiring me for the fiscal year for contest prep, off season training and coaching services $1500 - $2000

Full Body Profile

Measurements, weight and body fat with one re-test: $25